Between earth and sky, “Les Parfums Suspendus” are filled with unique, surprising essences, offering rare, unusual fragrances.
Le tandem fondateurs

Marc Gignoux

Marc Gignoux is a gentle dreamer, a little naive, a little frivolous: he is a tall, ingenuous man often to be found stupidly, blissfully wondering at the beauty of things, and above all people. But it is distinctly odd of him to stand naked under the Angel Falls in Venezuela to try and capture the smell of extreme coolness, to sleep with pygmies in the jungle of Cameroon just so that he can breathe in the terrible stench of their butterfly traps at dawn, or to try and make an endless list of all the differences in smell between the soil of Vietnam and that of Burkina Faso. Marc Gignoux has irrational, eccentric, surprising, exaggerated olfactory obsessions, but they are also astonishing, luxuriant and unusual.

Eric Michalon

As a freelance artistic director, he works for the top cosmetics and perfume brands in the market. He possesses in-depth, comprehensive knowledge of the product and all the players behind it. He teamed up with Marc Gignoux right from the start. Eric Michalon translates the multi-facetted, dream-like world of Hanging Perfumes into music, image and form.